Monday, October 10, 2011

Sugar Babies Before Corn Snakes

My friend has had sugar babies for years. She adores them. Time has come though and traveling is not an option for her anymore. She felt they were not getting enough attention. So she thought our house with three dogs and three cats would be a good place for them. lol

Actually, it was quite a blessing and honour to have her ask us if we would take her babies. They arrived yesterday and came with EVERYTHING and more. :O

Including enough food for a month (live worms and all). lol

I have never received animals here that were all completely provided for already. So that was a real treat for me. There is absolutely nothing I have to do except enjoy them and make sure the kids feed them.

They are nocturnal and so were up through most of the night playing. The cats, though interested, seem to understand that they are pets (all the birds that we bring into the house here and there for tending probably)... but I think it's a good idea for them not to escape their cage. lol

I shared a bit of pear through the cage this morning with one and then the other two came over to beg for some bites of pear too. So cute!

So now we will make a worm colony in the basement to grow our own worms for them and maybe a cricket colony too. (What fun to watch them jump around an open tent chasing crickets! I know the chickens and duck think it's a real treat. They get crickets for Christmas.)

And so sugar babies, worms and crickets come before corn snakes, who were supposed to be our next animal project. As always though, Earth Lessons continue on in our household. Why? Because we don't live on this planet all by ourselves. ;)

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